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New Bright Space Opens at a Prison in Manchester to Support Families

February 7, 2024

The Bright Space has been opened by The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children providing a safe place for families who are visiting loved ones in prison, in partnership with the Families Team at the HMP Forest Bank prison in Manchester.

The Foundation raised £5,760 in total from local fundraising from their Bright Horizons nurseries in the Northwest and they received a £450 donation from CMS Cameron McKenna to support in creating the Bright Space. The charity and their volunteers helped to transform one room in the Visits Hall to include a play area. They also have implemented important resources, such as caddies, so children are able to take art materials, books, and games to share with their loved ones. The Bright Space has resources in place to also support baby bonding sessions.

Natalie, the prison Family Pathway Manager said: “My heartfelt thanks go to the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, for creating the Forest Bank Bright Space. The hard work and dedication of the Foundation including fundraising, ordering items, coordinating deliveries and the setting up the Bright Space has been incredible, and we are delighted to offer a welcoming and safe environment for the families who visit.”

Leading the setup of the new Bright Space was Tracy, the Foundations Bright Space Manager at Bright Horizons.

She said: “We feel so proud that the Foundation has formed great partnerships with providers who also feel a strong compassion and empathy to ensure that we provide a safe and supportive environment for children in challenging situations. It’s a real achievement that the Foundation has been able to open so many Bright Spaces and this is the first one we’ve opened so far this year. Our colleagues at Bright Horizons have been wonderful in their various fundraising activities which have made projects like this possible.”

The Foundation is focused on improving the lives of vulnerable children and families experiencing crisis and disadvantage. Its Bright Spaces are enriching play environments for children impacted by domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, parental imprisonment, and ill health, and are designed to help children heal from trauma through play.

In 2024 the Bright Horizons Foundation will open its 100th Bright Space in the UK to support vulnerable children. To celebrate this milestone, our Foundation is set to launch its 100 Your Way campaign, with a goal of raising £100,000. Whether people walk 100 miles, do 100 laps of an outdoor space, do 100 press ups, perform 100 acts of kindness, or sell 100 cakes, 100 Your Way is a year-long, 100-themed fundraiser, in which individuals, teams, workplaces and communities commit to fundraise towards this £100K target. Please visit our website for more details on the upcoming 100 Your Way campaign.

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