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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children is a registered charity focused on brightening the lives of children and families experiencing crisis and disadvantage as a result of abuse, domestic violence, parental imprisonment, homelessness and ill health. We do this by creating and supporting Bright Spaces; warm, safe, enriching play environments for children to build caring relationships and heal from trauma through play.

How is the Foundation related to Bright Horizons?

Bright Horizons Family Solutions established the Foundation in the UK in 2005. Through the Foundation, Bright Horizons leverages its expertise in childcare, education and creating high quality environments for children; its experienced workforce and its corporate and community partnerships to make a difference to disadvantaged children and families.

How is the Foundation funded?

Bright Horizons funds the Foundation’s overhead costs, and provides functional administrative resources to support the operation of the Foundation. It relies on fundraising to deliver its Bright Space programmes, and this is generated by a combination of Bright Horizons’ employees, families, clients and partners; external grant funding; and community fundraising.

Bright Spaces

What are Bright Spaces?

Bright Spaces are high quality play environments created in partnership with other organisations who deliver frontline services to vulnerable children and families. They are located in homeless shelters, domestic violence refuges, prison visits halls, child protection interview suites and hospitals. They are designed to provide a safe environment in which children can relax, play, learn, have fun, build positive relationships and heal from trauma.

I want to open a Bright Space. How do I start?

Every Bright Space is created and supported by a Bright Horizons Connector – an employee of Bright Horizons who works in a Bright Horizons nursery or support office. The Bright Horizons Connector is supported by a team of Bright Horizons volunteers, and works collaboratively with their community to set-up and sustain their Bright Space. Bright Horizons Connectors are based locally to their Bright Spaces to ensure the relationship with the partner can be effectively supported. If you know of a local organisation that would benefit from a Bright Space please email our Bright Space Manager, Tracy Wilkes Green at twilkes-green@brighthorizons.com.

I want to volunteer in a Bright Space, how do I find one?

If you are a Bright Horizons employee, you can sign up to volunteer via our online Volunteering Portal and will be contacted about local volunteering opportunities when they arise.

Can we donate items to a local charity or Bright Space through the Foundation?

We encourage the collection and donation of items to our Bright Space partners and other agencies, who often need items to support families. These activities are organised at a local level with the local partner or charity, and are always based on need. If you would like to get involved in supporting a local community organisation, such as a refuge, prison, homeless shelter or children’s hospice, we encourage you to make contact with them to establish a relationship and understand what kind of donations are helpful.

I Would Like to Fundraise to Support a Bright Space

If you would like to fundraise to support a Bright Space, there are so many things you can do. You can sign up to make regular tax-free donations from your salary via payroll giving; be sponsored to undertake a personal challenge like a swim, hike, walk, sponsored silence or to give something up; you could have a cake sale, treasure hunt, raffle or children’s art auction.

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