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Love for a Bright Space – 12th – 16th June 2023

June 5, 2023


 Supporting the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

You are invited to join the Bright Horizons family as we all show our Love for a Bright Space  

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children is a registered charity dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children and families in crisis.

At the heart of the Foundation’s work are our 89 Bright Spaces – warm, safe, enriching play environments for vulnerable children affected by abuse, domestic violence, parental imprisonment and ill health.

To celebrate these wonderful Bright Spaces, raise awareness of our Foundation’s work, and to continue to raise money for this important work, the Bright Horizons family are participating in a special Love for a Bright Space campaign this June. Children and practitioners in our nurseries will be dressing up, baking cakes and enjoying heart-themed arts and crafts throughout the week.

We are all showing our Love for a Bright Space across a variety of social media channels by taking selfies of ourselves making a heart-shaped hand gesture and using the hashtag #loveforabrightspace – will you join us?

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Just Giving Page:  https://www.justgiving.com/page/love4abrightspace


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