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300 nurseries support launch of charity fundraising campaign

June 15, 2023

Children and colleagues from Bright Horizons nurseries across the UK will take part in a global charity campaign to help raise funds for Bright Spaces.

Bright Horizons, a leading nursery and employer solutions provider, has announced the launch of a new fundraising campaign ‘Love For A Bright Space’, to raise vital funds for its charity ‘The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children’.

Celebrations begin this week with further activities planned globally on Thursday 15th June to celebrate the difference that The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children makes.

The fundraising campaign kicked off today when supporters were urged to start showing their love by using the hashtag #LoveForABrightSpace on social media alongside images of heart celebration gestures. Children from Bright Horizons 300+ nurseries are also taking part in heart-themed activities throughout the week.

The Foundation opened its first Bright Space in the UK in 2005 and it owes its continued success to the collective efforts of Bright Horizons employees, families and partners. Bright Spaces are safe, warm and nurturing play areas, specially designed to bring joy and a sense of normality to children facing extremely difficult situations, and they can be found in domestic abuse refuges, homeless shelters, prisons and police stations throughout the UK.

Funds raised through this campaign will support new and existing Bright Spaces. The Foundation expects to open its 100th Bright Space in 2024 further extending its support to more vulnerable children in communities across the UK.

Denise Priest, Trustee and Director of The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, comments: “I have been working closely with The Foundation since 2005 and have witnessed firsthand the crucial and transformative role that Bright Spaces can have.

“They help children to heal through the power of play and allow them to experience childhood, at a time when they need it the most, and everyone in the Bright Horizons family is incredibly proud to be a part of The Foundation’s work.

”The 90 Bright Spaces we currently have in the UK make a real impact on children when they are at their most vulnerable. They provide these children and their families with a safe place to play, that is welcoming, comfortable and fun, to help them begin to recover from the trauma of their experiences.”


Commitment to the cause

Now, Bright Horizons is calling for even more support from its employees, families, communities and corporate partners to help transform the lives of our most vulnerable children through play.

Together, they have already engaged in a variety of volunteering and fundraising efforts; most recently 75 colleagues joined in a sponsored walk for a domestic abuse shelter in memory of a Bright Horizons employee and in August, nursery manager Gemma will embark on an eight-day trek to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. There is a clear link between pride in working for Bright Horizons and the Foundation. Many employees value the opportunity to make a direct impact on those in need beyond their nursery or support office setting.

Donations can be made through the official website where supporters can also learn more about The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children and the impact it has on thousands of lives.

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